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It’s simple really.

We get really warm in summer, and sunscreen just doesn’t do it for  us.

On the other hand, we do like to be stylish, what’s better than getting THE outfit that stands out?


Well, we mulled it over and figured it out. It was time to bring parasols back for the XXIth century. But we didn’t want to just do the same old thing as a century ago. That’d be boring, and we hate being bored.

So we set out to get new patterns, new designs, collab with artists, to take that old object and really make it ours, make it a thing for our generations.

And today we are so proud to present to you all our parasols.


They are handmade in France in a reinsertion workshop, a few kilometres away from where we live.

That way, we stay local and we can be sure of the quality of our products.


Our frames are not made in France. Umbrella or parasols frames are simply not made in Europe anymore, and we do not have the size to change that just yet, but we found the next best thing.

Rather than carbon or plastic frames made in China, we are in contact with a small, traditional workshop which makes frames by hand from sustainable bambou groves. That way, we limit the impact of the planet, and we can be sure it’s been made ethically.


But our way goes beyond that. We firmly believe in slow fashion.

You can change the fabric just by unscrewing the top, meaning the frames are easier to repare without having to throw it all away at the first sign of trouble. Alternatively, if you feel the parasol you bought last season is out of fashion, you don’t need to buy the whole thing again, just buy the bit you need.


If you’ve already ordered one, we hope you’ll see all the love and passion we’ve put in each parasol. If you haven’t gotten one yet and have still read so far, what are you waiting for?

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